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Around the World Extreme Adventure

What’s the most extreme activity you’ve ever done on vacation?  What about an around the world journey of nothing but adrenaline rush activities?  That is exactly the travels I just planned for a film crew working on a new travel television show.  Their travels took them to California, Colorado, Baffin Island in Canada, Switzerland, Montenegro, Moldova, Lebanon, Equatorial Guinea, South Africa, and China.

Tianmen Mountain National Park

Tianmen Mountain National Park

In each destination they not only filmed these extreme adventure activities, but participated themselves.  From base jumping in wingsuits to scaling sheer cliff walls they did it all.  Arctic Kingdom took them on an amazing arctic safari trip to see polar bears and narwhals up close and extreme arctic landscapes.  In Moldova they rock climbed down cliff faces to ancient cave monasteries still inhabited by practicing monks.  To really get off the beaten track, they traveled to Equatorial Guinea (don’t worry there’s no ebola there!) to climb volcanoes and capture glimpses of rarely seen African wildlife.  Wilderness Safaris in South Africa took them abseiling down Table Mountain, sandboarding on giant sand dunes, and cage diving with great white sharks.  And then finally in China they visited the vertigo-inducing Mount Hua hiking trails and the breath-taking Tianmen Mountain National Park near Zhangjiajie.  And what was the worst thing that happened to them on this epic around the world journey?  One suitcase was delayed between London and Zurich!  Interested in some extreme activities on your next vacation?  Let me help you get your adrenaline pumping…